Spectrum Net

"Alfa Finance Holding" AD has significant investment and management experience in telecommunications and high technology. The Group’s team has been part of some of the most significant mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications sector in Bulgaria.

In 2006, Alfa Finance Holding acquired the majority share package of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) “Spectrum Net”. "Spectrum Net" was the largest alternative internet and telecommunication company in Bulgaria, providing variety of converged communication services to business customers and residential users. The company had over 13 years experience in delivering telecommunication solutions on the Bulgarian market. By the acquisition of its competitor “Orbitel” from “Deutsche Telekom” in January 2010, "Spectrum Net" formed the largest alternative telecommunication operator in the country.

The company applied the most advanced, up-to-date and reliable technologies in order to ensure high quality and innovative solutions for voice, data and virtual services. "Spectrum Net" is the first company that inroduced and implemented the HTTP technology in Europe in 1998, and developed the first PON (Passive Optic Network) network in Bulgaria in 2009. More than 6 000 businesses and close to 30 000 residential customers confided in the services of the new alliance. The own MPLS network ensured full national coverage and access to more than 90% of the population. The company's offices and the technical centers were situated in more than 20 cities throughout Bulgaria.

In 2011, "Alfa Finance Holding" successfully exited the project by seling it to Telekom Austria through its subsidiary “Mobiltel” – the largest telecom in Bulgaria.

Alfa Finance Project