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Who are we


Who are we

Alfa Finance Holding AD is a leading investment company with a proven track record of over 15 years in the field of investment, management, restructuring, development and sales of various businesses and companies. The Group has significant expertise and management experience in the sectors of processing industry, finance and banking, energy, real estate, logistics, infrastructure, telecommunications and IT. The team of Alfa Finance Holding AD has participated in the successful implementation of investment projects in the European Union, the Balkan Peninsula, the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. Over the years, the assets managed by the Group have reached over 1 billion Euro.

The Group currently develops its main business areas in the field of financial services (Financia Group), real estate (Landmark Holdings) and renewable and clean energy (Solarpro Holding). In addition to the main business lines AFH successfully invests in high technology and in promising industrial and infrastructure projects.

Alfa Finance Holding’s shareholders are Ivo Prokopiev, Ivan Nenkov and Konstantin Nenov.

Our core values

Our mission is to create value by providing a meeting point for good ideas, talented entrepreneurs and financial capital.

We believe in the win-win philosophy as a prerequisite for successful transactions and long-term business relationships. For us, business does not mean merely numbers, but involves people as well – our partners and employees. They are our biggest asset.

  • We are an independent and transparent corporate structure
  • We are local – we understand the people, the institutions and the traditions of the Balkan countries
  • We are global – we understand the financial markets and the driving forces of the global economy
  • We love sophisticated and complex transactions, that is where we are at our best
  • Our decision-making process is fast and flexible
  • We are not afraid of change, we live with it and can manage it
  • We are socially responsible and work for the "green" concept in business


image The financial business of "Alfa Finance Holding" AD is structured into a separate sub-holding company - "Financia Group" AD. It consolidates the activities of providing financial services within the "Alfa Finance Holding" AD in Bulgaria, Macedonia and other countries of Southeast Europe.

image"Alfa Finance Holding" AD’s business interests in the real estate sector are consolidated in the integrated holding structure "Landmark Holdings" EAD.

image"Alfa Finance Holding" AD invests strategically in the sectors of clean energy through its subsidiary, the vertically integrated holding structure "Solarpro Holding" AD.