Financial services

Financial services

Financia Group

The financial business of "Alfa Finance Holding" AD is structured into a separate sub-holding company - "Financia Group" AD. It consolidates the activities of providing financial services within the "Alfa Finance Holding" AD in Bulgaria, Macedonia and other countries of Southeast Europe. "Financia Group" AD offers innovative solutions with high added value through the synergies between the individual group companies. Currently, the investment broker "Bulbrokers", the leading consultant "Bulbrokers Consulting", "Capital Bank" - Skopje and the management company "Alpha Asset Management” all belong to the group.


"Bulbrokers" AD is an innovative investment firm that provides its customers with around-the-clock dealer service for transactions in options, futures, currencies, equities, bonds and funds, trading on over 100 markets in 24 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA, and on the local and regional markets. The company owns two independent electronic trading platforms - Meta Trader 4, Trader Workstation, and a team of brokers that achieves high efficiency in the management of large orders for transactions in shares. "Bulbkrokers" AD is a full member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia, Central Depository, the BALII, the Fund for Compensation of Investors and is regulated within the meaning of the Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID).

Bulbrokers Consulting

"Bulbrokers Consulting" is a leading consulting company in Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe in the field of mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and corporate finance. The Company has an outstanding reputation based on successfully completed transactions and mandates over the past 15 years. The company offers a full range of services in the field of mergers and acquisitions, capital markets transactions, business/ strategic consulting, evaluations and opinions, recapitalization and restructuring. As an overall experience, the team members of "Bulbrokers Consulting" have consulted transactions totaling more than 4.3 billion Euro.

Capital Bank

"Capital Bank", Skopje, is a banking institution specialized in offering banking services to micro, small and medium enterprises, public and corporate financing and real estate financing. The Bank offers a wide portfolio of credit products and carries out any financial operations, retail banking, deposit activity, domestic and international payments, private and electronic banking.

Alfa Asset Management

The scope of activity of the management company "Alfa Asset Management" EAD includes management of investments in securities of funds raised through public offering of shares, risk sharing principle. The Management Company manages a number of collective investment schemes - "Alfa Index Property", "Alpha SOFIX Index", "Alfa Selected Shares" and "Alpha Liquidity".