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Our experience

The Holding has successful experience in investment, management, restructuring..

Since its establishment, Alfa Finance Holding AD has accumulated significant expertise and management experience in various business sectors. Part of the AFH Group was and still is constituted by some of the leading companies in the region of Southeast Europe. The holding has successful experience in investment, management, restructuring, development and sale of various companies and enterprises in the sectors of processing industry, finance and banking, energy, real estate, logistics, infrastructure, telecommunications and IT.

A significant part of the group’s investment projects have been acquired at an early stage (start up / growth), and as a result of the management experience and development strategy applied by "Alfa Finance Holding" AD, they have become companies whose impact has been not just local, but also regional. Following a rigorous investment stage, some of the projects developed by AFH have been divested to leading international companies in the context of natural consolidation processes on the market.

The experience and expertise gathered can be characterized by the following successful projects:

Industry and mining

In 2000, Alfa Finance Holding AD participated in the privatization and acquisition of the controlling stake of "Kaolin" AD - a mining company with a long history. Over the next thirteen years, under the management of "Alfa Finance Holding" AD, "Kaolin" grew from a company of local importance to a regional leader in the industrial minerals sector with mining and production facilities in four countries and sales distribution in 36 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. “Kaolin” AD was developed to the status of:

  • the largest producer of quartz sand in Southeast Europe
  • the fourth largest producer of sands in Europe
  • the largest producer of kaolin in Southeast Europe
  • managing one percent of the world reserves of kaolin raw material
  • the second largest producer of chamotte in Europe
In 2013, AFH successfully closed the transaction for the sale of the majority share package of Kaolin to one of the leading investors in the sector - Quartzwerke GmbH (Germany)

Finance and banking

Since its establishment, "Alfa Finance Holding" AD has been strongly oriented to the financial and banking sector. The Group has significant expertise in the fields of investment and private banking; capital markets, corporate finance and M&A advisory services; insurance brokerage; money markets, public finance and public-private partnerships; asset management; online-based services and platforms for a variety of customer needs.

The combination of over 15 years of experience and our dedicated team of local and international professionals gives us confidence that we understand the investment logic and strategic objectives of our clients in depth and that we are competent to offer solutions of the highest quality according to the international standards.

Currently, the investment broker "Bulbrokers", the leading consultant "Bulbrokers Consulting", "Capital Bank" - Skopje as well as the management company "Alfa Asset Management" belong to the Group.

Clean energy

"Alfa Finance Holding" AD has always held an interest in the energy sector. The group has gained extensive experience in the field of electricity trading and in all aspects of the business in the renewable energy sources sector.

The subsidiaries of the Holding have proven experience in advising, structuring, financing and development of projects in the renewable energy sector and at all stages of photovoltaic and wind energy. The subsidiary structure "Solarpro Holding" AD is the regional leader in solar energy and has experience in the entire business cycle - from design, through fabrication of panels, component supply, construction, operation, monitoring and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants. The company’s team is composed of professionals with proven international experience and boasts a portfolio of nearly 100 MW capacity built.

Real estate

The "Alfa Finance Holding" AD Group has under its belt over a decade of experience in the real estate sector. Real estate represents one of the most substantial areas of investments for the Holding, and its subsidiary “Landmark Holdings” is among the largest integrated holding real estate companies in Bulgaria.

Aside from a portfolio of functional buildings and land, the Group offers a full range of services in the field of property and facility management, as well as large retail areas and prime office buildings. The company's team combines in-depth knowledge of the real estate market with extensive experience.

Telecommunications and IT

"Alfa Finance Holding" AD has significant investment and management experience in telecommunications and high technology. The Group’s team has been part of some of the most significant mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications sector in Bulgaria.

As part of the group and as a result of several large acquisitions in the sector, "Spectrum Net" has become the largest alternative telecom operator in the country. Subsequently, the company was acquired by Telekom Austria through its subsidiary Mobiltel.


"Alfa Finance Holding" AD has extensive experience in the area of design, construction and management of industrial zones in different parts of the country. The dedicated industrial zones have proven their worth as key locations for local business and industry.

The Group has well established experience in the investment and management of river, sea and air logistics clusters and zones.