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Alfa Finance Holding AD possesses extensive experience in various business sectors. As of now, "Alfa Finance Holding" AD has three main business areas - financial services, real estate, and clean energy.

Each business division is consolidated into a separate sub-holding company. "Financia Group" AD consolidates investments in financial services and banking. The group includes the investment broker "Bulbrokers", "Capital Bank", Skopje and the management company "Alfa Asset Management".

In the real estate sector, "Alfa Finance Holding" AD’s interests are consolidated in the sub-holding "Landmark Holdings" AD. Landmark offers a full range of professional services - from project management, to property and facility management - both for its own assets and for external customers.

"Solarpro Holding" AD is a leading company in the energy sector and clean energy. The company is one of the largest system integrators, EPC & OM contractors in the region with over 100 MVp installed capacity.

Aside from these main business lines, the Holding also invests successfully in IT services and logistics.

Major Business Lines

Financial services

The financial business of "Alfa Finance Holding" AD is structured into a separate sub-holding company - "Financia Group" AD. It consolidates the activities of providing financial services within the "Alfa Finance Holding" AD in Bulgaria, Macedonia and other countries of Southeast Europe.

Real estate

"Alfa Finance Holding" AD’s business interests in the real estate sector are consolidated in the integrated holding structure "Landmark Holdings" EAD.

Clean Energy

"Alfa Finance Holding" AD invests strategically in the sectors of clean energy through its subsidiary, the vertically integrated holding structure "Solarpro Holding" AD.